Nilly Yoga & Pilates Exercise Ball Home Gym Kit (65cm+30cm 4-Piece Set) Incl. 2 Fitness Balls ( Big & Small ) , Air Pump, Resistance Band | Promote Strength, Stability Balance with Low-Impact Support

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Yoga and Pilates Exercise Ball – 2 Pack Fitness Balls for Home Workouts – 65 cm & 30 cm Big & Small Yoga Balls Set – Comes with 3 Elastic Stretch Bands – Perfect for Stability , Stretching and Yoga

  • WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: Are you a fan of exercising at home? Your busy schedule doesn't leave you much time for going to the gym? Are you looking for a relaxing equipment that will keep you in a great shape? Our exercise ball for fitness is the perfect solution for you!
  • A COMPLETE SET: In order for your yoga session to be complete, we have composed a pack of 5 different elements that will serve you throughout your entire training. The two-sized fitness balls will be surely become your best friend for lumbar workouts, while the stretch bands will get your muscles in shape.
  • WORKOUTS WITH A TWIST: If you are a long-time sports person, then you have probably done and tried it all, from classical yoga to fitness and cardio, which is why we believe a little help to spice up your trainings will be helpful. With the yoga and Pilates set, you can now upgrade the levels of your usual workouts, making your muscles work harder and better while your body will reach the perfect shape.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: When it comes to yoga and generally working out, safety is all that matters. That is why we have used high-quality rubber that will never break, avoiding any chance of injury. Moreover, the two balls can be used as a balance ball chair, helping with any back pain you may experience because of long hours at the office.
  • FOR YOUR GENERAL HEALTH: This yoga set was especially designed for helping you get a leaner, fitter and generally healthier body. Just half an hour daily will help you lose the extra pounds, while strengthening your muscles and helping with your cardiovascular system. And don't forget that you can easily use this set from the comfort of your own home!

The constant battle with making time to get in a better, healthier shape is now over: with the yoga set, 30 minutes of working out at home is enough for you to lose the extra pounds and strengthen your body. From now on, there are no more excuses left for not working out.

Why is this product for you?

Because working out is the ultimate way to strengthen you body and your mind. The set of yoga accessories contains any essential item you may need in order to upgrade your trainings and work your muscles harder and smarter. The two-sized fitness balls will help you with your mobility, while the elastic stretch bands will train your muscles. Have fun and enjoy a better you with the set of yoga accessories.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • 65 cm and 30 cm diameter balls
  • 3 stretch bands
  • Premium quality materials
  • Improves mobility and general health
  • For easy or advanced yoga exercises

ORDER NOW and enjoy a leaner, stronger body!

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