Nilly Yoga & Pilates Exercise Ball Home Gym Kit (65cm+30cm 4-Piece Set) Incl. 2 Fitness Balls ( Big & Small ) , Air Pump, Resistance Band | Promote Strength, Stability Balance with Low-Impact Support

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Yoga and Pilates Exercise Ball – 2 Pack Fitness Balls for Home Workouts – 65 cm & 30 cm Big & Small Yoga Balls Set – Comes with 3 Elastic Stretch Bands – Perfect for Stability , Stretching and Yoga

  • • Low-Impact, Customized Fitness - A versatile exercise and fitness accessory, tone and strengthen your core, lower back, and ab muscles or stretch sore ligaments.
  • • Balance, Strength, Agility - Great for Yoga, Pilates, training, or stretching, build a leaner, healthier body with home, travel, or work equipment you can use anywhere.
  • • Two Nilly Ball Sizes - Every order comes with two ab exercise balls, including a large ball at 65 cm in diameter and a small one at 30 cm; all for variable training support.
  • • Essential Accessories - Nilly Yoga and Pilates exercise balls also include an easy-to-use exercise ball pump as well as a resistance band for stretching and exercise.
  • • Guaranteed Satisfaction - Along with support daily fitness and injury rehabilitation, Nilly products are backed by superior customer service and quality assurance.

Find strength and balance in your core when you reinforce it with an exercise ball set from Nilly!

Fitness and Exercise Your Way

The best part about getting in shape and losing weight is that you don't have to go the hardcore weightlifter or CrossFit route. In fact, getting toned abs and a strong core can be done with Pilates and Yoga. And nothing supports those endeavors better than a low-impact exercise ball set from Nilly .

Reaching Goals at Your Pace

Great for ab exercises, circuit workouts, stretching, balance, and more, our exercise balls let you train and target specific muscle groups, including your thighs, legs, arms, stomach, back, and butt. Better yet, they can help you build strength and conditioning while providing essential support during your training or rehabilitation.

Great for core stabilization, balance, flexibility and range of motion, our 2-piece exercise ball set also comes with a resistance band and leg pump to give you all the support you need to improve your health and wellness.

Orders Include:

  • Large Exercise Ball (65 cm)
  • Small Exercise Ball (30 cm)
  • Resistance Band
  • Exercise Ball Pump
  • User's Guide

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